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About Us

About Us

Our Team

  • Jane Mientkiewicz

  • Jeff - Web Version

    Heaven is: Snorkeling the Virgin Islands, My wife working in the flower garden, My muse and a blank canvas

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    Jeff Lindgren

  • Hannah-for-Website

    I play the harp like a devil and translate like an angel.

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    Hannah Chute

  • Kelly Mattucci

  • Vicky Nothnagle

    Just give me a rainy day and a record player.

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    Vicky Nothnagle

  • Gustavo Lecomte - Localization Project Manager

    Did you know that in just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday?

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    Gustavo Lecomte

  • Katherine Rucker - Localization Project Manager

    I do the NY Times crossword in pen.

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    Katherine Rucker

  • Sebastian

    Tin foil hats are actually made out of aluminum.

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    Sebastian Cron

  • Rick for Website

    Fishing with Yoda I would rather be.

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    Rick White

  • Ting Chi

    I want to wake up and see my husband fishing in our backyard.

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    Ting Chi

  • Petra

    In my next life I’ll become a jazz accordion player.

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    Petra Henderson

  • Irene White

    In my next life I will be Brazilian.

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    Irene White

  • Brad Miller

    I once summarized everything about myself in a single sentence. I have since forgotten that sentence.

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    Brad Miller

  • Brooke McAdam

    Nuance and contradiction are two of my favorite things: I’m an extreme introvert with a degree in theater.

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    Brooke McAdam

  • Andy for website

    I’ve secretly replaced myself with a robot double and am actually on a beach in the Caribbean right now. No one’s noticed yet.

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    Andrew Pulcino