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Language Intelligence Speaks the New Language of Articulate Rise

Articulate Rise Now Exports XLIFF Files for a Seamless eLearning Translation Workflow June 19, 2018 For Immediate Release. Articulate, developers of Storyline and Rise, the leading eLearning platform suite, have announced that Rise, their cloud-based responsive authoring environment, now exports text content in the XLIFF file format for seamless translation. At Language Intelligence we’re [...]

Translation Terminology: FIGS, TMs, and Unicode, Oh My!

Last week I started a list of useful localization terminology. This week I have included a few more specific terms to build your repertoire! FIGS:  A way of referring to the common European languages for translation: French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Glossary:  Can be as simple as a spreadsheet of the most common and specific [...]

Translation Terminology: Not the L10n You See at the Zoo!

Think quick: What does L10n mean? I’ll give you hint, it doesn’t have fur or roar! Each industry has its own lingo, and of course the translation industry is no different! There is a plethora of words that could be considered as localization terminology. While the example above may look like the word “lion,” it [...]

Effective Interpreting: When All the Pieces Fall Into Place

Scheduling interpreters for specific assignments can be tricky. Contrary to general belief we don’t have several interpreters on stand by, waiting to be deployed any given moment. In fact interpreters are scheduled sometimes months in advance. But of course, in the real world things seldom go according to your routine. Two weeks ago I got [...]

If You’re in eLearning, Translation Glossaries are Your Friends

Let’s say you’re designing an instructional course on software designed to help your client’s sales team more efficiently keep track of their quarterly targets. Or maybe your client is in the pharmaceuticals industry and she’s come to you to design an online course intended to keep her employees up to date on all the [...]

Best Practices: Articulate Storyline 2 and Translation

Anyone in the eLearning industry who’s used Storyline, and who’s had their courses localized into different languages, knows about Storyline’s translation feature: Articulate Button > Translation > Export. You send the .doc or .xliff file over to your translation provider and a couple days or weeks later you get back the translation file, which you [...]

Multilingual Voice-Over & Subtitling for eLearning Courses

Okay, so you’re in the eLearning industry and you’re putting together a course that’s supposed to be implemented in your client’s offices in five different countries so you’re going to need multilingual voice-over & subtitling. You’ve come to the agreement that you’ll get the course up and running in the next four months. But as [...]

Website Translation: 5 Things to Consider When Translating a Website

Whether your company already has customers outside of the US, or you’re considering getting your feet wet in international markets, website translation is a logical first step in reaching out to those customers. In 2012 the first place your prospective customers are going to find a product or service is the internet. In the US [...]

[Insert] Translation Here: Localizing Text Inserts in Market Research Surveys

Text inserts are words, phrases, or even whole sentences that are placed into survey questions or response lists based on the respondent’s previous answers. Inserts can be a great way to efficiently program a survey and eliminate repetitive text. When writing a survey in English, inserts typically work well because of the structure of the [...]

Word Doc Survey Translation: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Whether you’re new to market research translation or a seasoned expert, you may, on occasion, be in need of Word Doc survey translation services. But there’s a more efficient way to have your surveys translated. Translating a questionnaire or survey from a Word Doc can be time consuming, costly, and prone to error. So let’s [...]