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Dec 16

Small business in New York State? You could get a free translation of your website!

If you’re exporting, it’s likely that your international customers are seeing your company website. Are you sending the right message? If you’re currently using a free translation service such as Google Translate for your public-facing web content, you might be surprised at the message you’re sending to your international customers….

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Dec 9

Timing: The biggest struggle in survey translation QC

It’s a fact of life in the market research industry: You need your survey translation to be good, you’ve got some budget constraints, and you need it yesterday. We absolutely understand, and are always happy to do whatever we can to meet these needs. Unfortunately, you may be familiar with…

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Dec 4

Once bilingual, Always bilingual?

Study shows the brain retains language long after it has been “forgotten”
Written by Kathryn Santora

How often have you heard “I used to speak it, but I’ve forgotten”? Many of us were exposed to another language early on, whether by immigrating as a young child, having grandparents or caretakers communicating…

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Nov 25

Facebook is blocked in China. Now what?

Co-written with Business Development Intern, Jackie Richards
With help from Localization Project Manager, Emma Ren (任和)

When you talk about sales, marketing, brand awareness, and client retention, there’s no doubt that social media needs to be part of your strategy. But what about internationally? Are you reaching important markets like the Read More

Nov 18

Is your questionnaire skewing your international data?

If you read our previous blog about internationalization, then you already know that by planning for translation early on, you can save some serious time and cost (not to mention improving the overall quality of the translation). When writing your survey, all of those considerations are also important. But…

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