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Jun 19

eLearning Translation Best Practices, Part One: Consider Translation Before You Design a Course

This is Part I from our series Five Best Practices for the Translation of eLearning Content.

The way you design course material can make a big difference when it comes to translating that material for another culture. From a translator perspective, costs and difficulty go up…

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May 1

5 Best Practices for the Translation of eLearning Content

Beginning an eLearning translation project can seem like a daunting task. Issues regarding untranslatable content and complicated timing sequences can arise when working with specialized subject matter and various types of media, effects, and platforms. However, a localization project can run smoothly with planning and preparation. In order to ensure the fewest…

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Apr 23

We’re visiting ATD 2018

Language Intelligence will be attending the ATD 2018 conference in San Diego on May 6-9. http://atdconference.td.org/#ATD2018

The eLearning / training vertical has experienced meteoric growth in the last several years and with that has come an ever-increasing demand to translate the training content into multiple languages to reach non-English speaking audiences….

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Aug 1

eLearning Translation Pricing – Ballparking

When you’re in the planning stages of a new eLearning project that includes localization, requesting a ballpark quote—or several ballpark quotes—is a good way to get a handle on the costs and timeline for the localization step. But ballpark quotes are built on assumptions and preliminary speculations, which means they…

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Feb 21

Assessing the Quality of Your Translation Quality Assessment: A Guide to Bad QA

Among all the factors that go into a translation project, quality and accuracy have almost become a given. No matter how cheap, quick, or specialized you want your translation to be, you assume it’ll be good quality. But you don’t speak Russian—so how do you actually know if…

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