Multilingual Voice-Over & Subtitling for eLearning Courses

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Both options for delivering audio have their pluses and minuses You’re in the eLearning industry and you’re putting together a course that’s supposed to be implemented in your client’s offices in five different countries. And there are audio tracks so you're going to need to choose between multilingual voice-over & subtitling. You’ve come to the [...]

Brazilian Market Research Surveys: Cultural Insights and Translation Tips

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General Overview Doing Brazilian market research represents its own set of challenges, with a hugely diverse population in an enormous country. We're going to look at some cultural and economic considerations to keep in mind when developing market research surveys for this highly dynamic country. Official Name: Federative Republic of Brazil Capital: Brasília Population: 200.4 [...]

What you may not know about translation, localization, and globalization

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Translation isn’t interpreting, interpreting is a subset of translation. Localization is not a buzzword, it’s a deal-killer (if you don’t get it right). Globalization is not a nefarious scheme for world domination. All of these things are unifiers, not dividers. In 2016 an estimated 47% of humans on the planet had Internet access. As of [...]

Are you creating multilingual employee surveys?

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Multilingual employee surveys: the intersection of market research and training requires unique translation expertise When planning employee training programs and assessing existing ones, surveying your people provides invaluable feedback. What worked, what didn’t, and what people want to learn (or don’t care about). But creating, delivering, and evaluating surveys are specialized skills. Add in multiple [...]

German Market Research Surveys: Cultural Insights and Translation Tips

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General Overview Official Name: Federal Republic of Germany Capital: Berlin Population: 82.7 million Official Language: German Currency: Euro (€) GDP: 4 trillion USD Area: 357,376 sq. km. (137,983 sq. mi.) Germany, in many ways, is Europe’s economic powerhouse. From manufacturing to financial services, Germany is a leader in multiple industries. Not only is Germany the [...]

Machine Translation: What is ‘post-edit’ in the translation workflow?

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Machine Translation or MT Is something you probably use more often than you think. Ever use Google Translate to translate a phrase? Or what about that link in facebook posts that says See Translation? Both are examples of machine translation, with AI-driven algorithms parsing the text and serving up the translation. Most of these translation [...]

5 Things to Consider When Translating Surveys for International Audiences

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Get out there faster... The market research industry moves fast because survey data has a shelf life. This means that every step in the survey creation process has to work like a well-oiled machine, including the international survey translation process. If your team has answers to the following five questions you are [...]

Challenging Amazon: Product Information Management (PIM) and Translation

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Moving towards automated workflows Managing product information* for delivery in multiple languages is a major challenge, one that becomes more complex with each additional target language. Add in regulatory issues that can vary from country to country for products in regulated markets like life sciences or defense, and the maze gets even [...]

What is a truly integrated language service provider?

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A translation project can have a lot of moving parts Text files with thousands of words. Formatted files for specialized uses like surveys, eLearning courses, software UIs, and documentation. Audiovisual elements including voice-over and subtitles. Desktop publishing. Image captions. Web sites. And on and on. Do you need multiple specialist vendors to [...]

Training/eLearning Translation Best Practices, Part Three: Keep Media Simple

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This is Part 3 from our series Five Best Practices for the Translation of eLearning Content. Maintain Visual Simplicity In the creation of media or choice of a platform for training/eLearning content, there is often a desire to choose the most dynamic and exciting option with as many visuals as possible. However, similar to translation, [...]