What is a truly integrated language service provider?

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A translation project can have a lot of moving parts Text files with thousands of words. Formatted files for specialized uses like surveys, eLearning courses, software UIs, and documentation. Audiovisual elements including voice-over and subtitles. Desktop publishing. Image captions. Web sites. And on and on. Do you need multiple specialist vendors to [...]

Multilingual Voice-Over & Subtitling for eLearning Courses

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Okay, so you’re in the eLearning industry and you’re putting together a course that’s supposed to be implemented in your client’s offices in five different countries, so you’re going to need multilingual voice-over & subtitling. You’ve come to the agreement that you’ll get the course up and running in the next four months. But as [...]

Website Translation: 5 Things to Consider When Translating a Website

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Whether your company already has customers outside of the US, or you’re considering getting your feet wet in international markets, website translation is a logical first step in reaching out to those customers. In 2018 the first place your prospective customers are going to find a product or service is the internet. In the US [...]