Are you creating multilingual employee surveys?

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Multilingual employee surveys: the intersection of market research and training requires unique translation expertise When planning employee training programs and assessing existing ones, surveying your people provides invaluable feedback. What worked, what didn’t, and what people want to learn (or don’t care about). But creating, delivering, and evaluating surveys are specialized skills. Add in multiple [...]

Machine Translation: What is ‘post-edit’ in the translation workflow?

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Machine Translation or MT Is something you probably use more often than you think. Ever use Google Translate to translate a phrase? Or what about that link in facebook posts that says See Translation? Both are examples of machine translation, with AI-driven algorithms parsing the text and serving up the translation. Most of these translation [...]

Challenging Amazon: Product Information Management (PIM) and Translation

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Moving towards automated workflows Managing product information* for delivery in multiple languages is a major challenge, one that becomes more complex with each additional target language. Add in regulatory issues that can vary from country to country for products in regulated markets like life sciences or defense, and the maze gets even [...]

What is a truly integrated language service provider?

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A translation project can have a lot of moving parts Text files with thousands of words. Formatted files for specialized uses like surveys, eLearning courses, software UIs, and documentation. Audiovisual elements including voice-over and subtitles. Desktop publishing. Image captions. Web sites. And on and on. Do you need multiple specialist vendors to [...]

Translation Technology: Translation Memory and Machine Translation

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How We Integrate Industry Standard Translation Technology In addition to our proprietary software, including intelliportal and intellireview, we use industry standard software tools designed to manage workflows, communicate with our translators, eliminate redundant translation, and to speed up the translation processes. The principal tools we use are Translation Memory and Machine Translation. [...]

The Basics: What If You’re Asked to Manage a Translation and Localization Project?

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You’re new to the translation process. Let’s look at how it works. Hundreds of languages and hundreds of cultures– they all represent opportunity. Whether your company creates eLearning courses, does market research or you’re tasked with writing technical documentation, translation into other languages is a subject you should understand. It can be a complex process, [...]

If You’re in eLearning, Translation Glossaries are Your Friends

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You’re designing an instructional course on software designed to help your client’s sales team more efficiently keep track of their quarterly targets. Or  your client is in the pharmaceuticals industry and she’s come to you to design an online course intended to keep her employees up to date on all the latest industry regulations. [...]

Best Practices: Articulate Storyline 2 and Translation

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I imported my translated content into Storyline and everything is screwed up! Anyone in the eLearning industry who’s used Storyline, and who’s had their courses localized into different languages, knows about Storyline’s translation feature: Articulate Button > Translation > Export. You send the .doc or .xliff file over to your translation provider and a couple [...]

Website Translation: 5 Things to Consider When Translating a Website

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Whether your company already has customers outside of the US, or you’re considering getting your feet wet in international markets, website translation is a logical first step in reaching out to those customers. In 2018 the first place your prospective customers are going to find a product or service is the internet. In the US [...]