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Professional Language Services




Q: What is your standard process?

A: Standard process dictates an initial analysis of the project by our operations, technical, and project management staff to address any potential technical, linguistic or logistical concerns. Once the preliminary details of a project are discussed with the client and approval is given, a Localization Project Manager is assigned to the client as a single point of contact and the Localization Project Manager then assembles the translation and review teams required for the individual languages. Once translation is complete, the documentation moves on to the review step where a second team of linguists reviews the original translation for accuracy and quality. Following translation and review, the documentation will then be passed along to our technical staff if any additional work is required, i.e. translated help files assembled, operator guideā€™s formatted, software tested, etc. Client requirements dictate the remaining steps required: linguistic review, QA testing, etc.

Q: How do you qualify translators?

A: The translators and reviewers who work with Language Intelligence are among the best in their field. Our rigorous evaluation and screening process ensures that all linguists meet our quality requirements. All linguists must be:
  • Native speakers of the target language
  • Subject-matter experts in their designated field
  • Experienced, with a significant and verifiable track record of translation history and expertise
  • Familiar with software and industry-standard tools
  • Committed to continuous improvement
  • Provide references through peer or client review
  • Responsible, adhering to deadlines
Only linguists who meet these stringent criteria will be considered approved suppliers for Language Intelligence. Once a translator or reviewer has become an approved supplier, their performance is monitored and evaluated continuously. Continue to Translator Recruitment.

Q: What is your quality control process?

A: Language Intelligence's Quality Management System is ISO-9001:2008 certified. The system is designed to provide an efficient and logical array of checks and feedback loops to conduct preventative and corrective cross-checks throughout each phase of a localization project. In addition to passing through translation, edit and proof during the linguistic portion of our Quality Management process, each product component is systematically reviewed for conformance. The results are monitored and serve as the basis for our Analysis and Improvement Process to ensure the highest quality deliverable. Read more about Language Intelligence's Translation Quality Management process.

Q: Why use a professional translation services provider?

A: A professional language services provider will focus on creating a process that will create long-term cost savings, quicker turnaround and consistent improvements in quality. Increased value is brought to the translation process by combining skilled technical staff, experienced project managers and professional linguists. Read more about Language Intelligence's Translation Services.