Translation Basics Guide

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Or if you’re experienced, do you ever have to help someone new get up to speed? We’ve created this Basics Guide to walk the reader through translation business terminology and technology, Including:

  • The workflows for a typical business translation process

  • Best practices for selecting a language service provider (LSP)

  • An understanding of how translators are selected

The guide assumes no expertise or experience. Instead we give you the basic core knowledge required to manage a translation project and vendor relationship.

Hundreds of languages, billions of people

Translation and localization of your content can open up enormous new market opportunities, while helping your business or organization join the global marketplace. Chances are you’ve already created content in your native business language, including:

Product information and documentation

eLearning and training courses

Market research surveys

Video and audio

Websites and blogs

And much more. These information assets represent a great deal of time, money and effort spent producing them. You can easily leverage this trove of valuable information to reach millions more potential customers!

“Translation is the literal rendering of content from its original source language to a target language, i.e. English to Mandarin Chinese. Localization is the adaptation of that content to the culture of the target language so that it makes sense in their context. These processes can be separated, however the reality of most situations is that they go hand in hand.”

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