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Market Research Translation

Survey Comment Translation

We know that for survey response data to be accurate, you need quality survey comment translation. We also know that you’ll need it to happen quickly and in budget. That’s why we’ll work with you to identify the best solution for meeting your specific survey comment translation needs.

Handling the translation of foreign-language survey comments from over 100 different languages back into English, we provide several options for translating survey comments, depending on your project’s specific requirements.

Direct Survey Comment Translation

We use this service for the majority of our survey comment translation projects. This involves a single translation step (as opposed to the two-step translation-and-edit process we follow for survey translation). This single-step translation process provides the quality your coding team requires to both complete the coding process and deliver comments to your end-client if necessary.

In-language Coding

We provide in-language coding services for projects whose end clients don’t require access to translated comments. In-language coding saves time and cuts costs by eliminating the translation step, improving the quality of coding data by avoiding the loss of cultural nuance during the analysis of translated comments.

Translation and Language Scrubbing

This service involves translation plus redaction of translated comment responses based on client specifications. For example, there may be a need to redact brand names, employee names, or other sensitive information from open-ended responses.

Machine Translation

Machine translation is an acceptable option for large-scale or quick-turnaround projects where rough translations are sufficient enough for analyzing and gathering data. There are a couple options for this particular service:

Machine Translation + Pre-Edit and Post-Edit

For this service, our linguists edit and clean up survey comments for optimum results from the machine translation process, after which our linguists edit comments for quality assurance and clarity.

Machine Translation + Post-Edit Only

For this service, our linguists edit comments after the machine translation process to ensure quality and clarity.

Lets us help you with your Survey Comment Translation needs today!

If you’d like advice on how you can most effectively achieve your survey comment translation goals, or if you’d like to schedule a demo of our tools and technology, please contact our sales team: sales@languageintelligence.com.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit our blog, which we regularly update with topics relating directly to market research translation.