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Market Research Translation

intellireview® for Survey Translation Review

End clients will often conduct a review of translated surveys before going to field. But the survey translation review process can pose a number of challenges:

  • Choosing a file format to send to reviewers
  • Tracking changes
  • Transferring files between multiple people and dealing with version control issues
  • Choosing a method best suited for reviewing end-client feedback
  • Making sure end clients don’t introduce errors to the translated survey
  • Making sure the translated survey doesn’t deviate from the original

intellireview®: Tackling the Challenges of Survey Translation Review

We developed intellireview® to streamline the survey translation review process and make life easier for our clients. With intellireview®, you can quickly and easily view your translated survey online and in its accurate context, with easy access to the original. With just a few clicks, you can implement changes and move onto your next task.

What makes intellireview® the intelligent way to review?

Automatically track all changes to maintain version control

It’s important to know what’s been changed during survey translation review when you need a final translation of the best quality. intellireview® automatically tracks all changes to ensure that version control is never a concern.

Hide programming language to simplify survey translation review and prevent accidental edits

You save time by easily viewing only the content that needs reviewing. Never again will you need to sort through programming code or hidden, nontranslatable text.

Securely and conveniently access files in the cloud

You’ll never need to transfer files via email or FTP, install software, or download files: all you have to do is log into intellireview®.

Easy access to original English source file

How can you be sure you’re making the right changes when you can’t see the original pretranslated text? intellireview® makes it easy to look at both the original and translated surveys in the same location. You can also review untranslated source content and sign off on whether to have finalized source content translated.

Automatically update Translation Memory

Translation Memory is a tool designed to save you money and ensure consistent translations. When intellireview® automatically updates your Translation Memory archive, you can be sure that your specific preferences will be recorded and used in the future to save you both time and money.

Access summary reports of all changes

It’s your survey, so you’ll want to know your changes were implemented. With intellireview®, you can quickly and easily see which of your changes were made in the final translation, and whether linguists had any feedback on suggested changes.

Review surveys in a simple and clean layout, with inserts, pipe-ins, and ternary operators—just as respondents will see them

View your survey like your respondents will. No more guessing at what complex programming language might mean.

Get more insight into intellireview®

If you’d like to learn more about intellireview®, or if you’d like a live demonstration, please contact our sales team: sales@languageintelligence.com Or click the button below.

You can also visit our blog, which we update regularly with topics relating directly to market research translation.

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