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Market Research Translation

Market Research Translation

replock for Survey Translation Savings

replock is a tool that provides survey translation savings over traditional technology.

Translation memory tools provide survey translation savings by reusing repetitive or previously translated content within one or across multiple surveys.

replock™ takes it a step further by removing repetitive text segments from the content you need translated, driving down cost, and increasing the accuracy and consistency of your surveys.

How does replock™ reduce the cost of survey translation?

Survey Translation Savings

With replock™, we’re able to lock instances of text within your survey, reducing cost in the process. By locking all but the first instance of a repetitive phrase or word, replock™ makes sure you get the most out of our translation service.

Optimum Consistency

Linguists translate only the first instance of a repetitive phrase or word, which through replock™ gets plugged into the remaining instances, ensuring optimum consistency.

Decreased Turnaround Time

Because we lock repetitive text, our linguists can focus their time translating nonrepetitive text, thereby decreasing turnaround time.

Get more insight into replock for Survey Translation Savings

If you’d like to learn more about replock™, or if you’d like a live demonstration, please contact our sales team: sales@languageintelligence.com Or click the button below.

You can also visit our blog, which we update regularly with topics relating directly to market research translation.

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