Articulate Rise Now Exports XLIFF Files for a Seamless eLearning Translation Workflow

June 19, 2018

For Immediate Release. Articulate, developers of Storyline and Rise, the leading eLearning platform suite, have announced that Rise, their cloud-based responsive authoring environment, now exports text content in the XLIFF file format for seamless translation. At Language Intelligence we’re excited about the implications of this important breakthrough in eLearning localization.

XLIFF is an XML file format designed to work with translation platforms by offering a standard format for handling content designated for translation. Until now, most eLearning content had to be manually converted or worse, copy-and-pasted, to the file format preferred by the localization experts at Language Intelligence. With this feature in Rise our systems can now pull content instantly, without requiring time-consuming effort before and again after translation.

“The ability to export your eLearning files directly to our systems means cost saving and much faster turnaround for your eLearning localization projects, regardless of targeted languages.” says Rick White, Director of Client Services at Language Intelligence.

”XLIFF is the language our systems ‘speak’, which means Rise automatically integrates with our workflows. For our eLearning clients this means Rise users can simply hit Export to send their content to us without formatting issues and costs.”

This new capability in Rise is a significant step towards more efficient and accurate workflows in multilingual localization of eLearning coursework. Language Intelligence is fluent in XLIFF and we’re thrilled that Rise now speaks our language.

About Language Intelligence

Language Intelligence is a tech-forward provider of language education, translation, and localization services for eLearning, market research, manufacturing, and more. Based in Rochester, NY USA, but globally focused, LI is celebrating thirty years in business helping to bring the global community together.

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About the Author:

As Director of Client Services, Rick’s consummate focus is on keeping the client happy. He facilitates the communication process between client and project management team to assure the most cost-effective and efficient localization processes are used to meet the specific needs of each client. Rick has over sixteen years of experience serving our clients in every aspect of the localization process, in a range of industries. This, combined with the expertise he has developed in the clients’ industries, his creative ability and strong communication skills, allows him to serve our clients on the account level with an exceptionally high degree of customer satisfaction. Rick has a BA in Photography from SUNY Fredonia and studied German for seven years.