Market Research, Austin, and Spring in South Texas: We’re headed to IIeX 2019!

And we’re researching the researchers…

We’re headed to Austin for the IIeX North America market research conference next week (4/23-4/25) and we’re in serious information-gathering mode. Market research survey translation is a sweet spot for us and we’re constantly refining our processes to deliver surveys with higher opens, better completion rates, and more accurately translated content. Our goal at IIeX this year is to talk to industry insiders to learn what’s working and what could be better in global market research. And we’d like to meet you.

We’ve got a theory that is turning into a new process for fast, accurate survey translation and localization. The goal is a fully automated end to end process where the only human step is the actual translation itself. We’re almost there with our technology but we are out to verify our theory with your help.

So, if MR translation automation without quality compromises interests you, we’d like to talk! Send us a note and we’ll find you.

Who’s attending?

Andrew Pulcino

Director of Technology

Rick White

Director of Client Services