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Professional Language Services

Audiovisual Translation Services

Audiovisual Translation Services

Multilingual Voiceover and Dubbing Services

Being read in another language is one thing. Being heard? Another thing entirely. Our network of multilingual voiceover and dubbing talents allows you to choose from a range of spoken styles—from regional accents and dialects, to pitch, tone, and gender. Using state-of-the-art recording studios and equipment, our multilingual voiceover and dubbing services provide a level of audio quality that leaves a lasting impression on your target users and allows you to be heard around the globe.

Off-Screen Voiceover

This form of voiceover is ideal for advertising, demo, instructional, or promotional videos. Off-screen is defined as speech attributed to someone who does not appear on the screen. Such speech is in most cases strategically timed to specific slides, shots, transitions, and scenes.

UN-Style Voiceover

Commonly used for documentaries, news footage, or interviews, UN-style voiceover captures a similar experience to the simultaneous interpreting services that the United Nations relies on, hence the name “UN-Style.” The foreign language voiceover is synched 1 to 2 seconds after the on-screen speaker, whose voice volume is reduced by 20% of the original, giving the impression that a simultaneous interpreter is in the same room but off screen.

Voice Replacement

Similar to dubbing, voice replacement superimposes foreign language speech onto the original audio. Because lip movements are not synchronized, voice replacement allows for greater flexibility in communicating important messages. Voice replacement is commonly used for eLearning, corporate training, and informational videos.

Lip-Sync Dubbing

Lip-sync dubbing, which is most commonly seen in film or on television—but which is also used for web, corporate, and eLearning content—syncs foreign-language speech to the performance, lip gestures, and pace on the screen.

Types of Voiceover and Dubbing Content We Handle

  • Audio Books
  • Commercials and Advertisements
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Educational and Instruction Audio
  • eLearning Audio
  • Off-Screen Narration
  • Video Dubbing
  • Video Game and App Audio

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We would love to hear from you and help determine whether our multilingual voiceover and dubbing services would be a good fit for your specific needs. If you would like to learn more or receive pricing information please contact our sales team: sales@languageintelligence.com.