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Best practices in localization begin well before translation. The way your content is authored, the technology you choose to create your documentation, even the amout of white space you incorporate on a page will all have significant impact on the ease with which your content can be translated. Seemingly simple choices made at the outset can have significant impact on cost and timing later on when you find out, example, that the publishing software you’re using doesn’t support right-to-left languages like Arabic. Language Intelligence provides localization consulting services that will guide you in best practices for preparing for translation and have a big impact on your translation budget.

Localization Consulting Opportunities

  • Authoring for Localization
  • Tools Assessment
  • Content Preparedness Analysis
  • Terminology Management

Localization Consulting Benefits

  • Move your process from translation to localization
  • Reduce the cost of translation
  • Reduce the timing of translation projects
  • Fully localized content = happier customers