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Culture Training

The cultures people grow up and live in shape the ways they see the world. People use different gestures and forms of body language to communicate, and they hold different beliefs about how relationships, leadership, and decision-making should best be approached. Although people may use the same language to communicate with each other, the associations to the words or concepts they discuss may not be mutually shared by speakers. With the help of our culture training programs, your expats and cross-cultural teams will be well equipped to understand their own as well as their colleagues’ perceptions of the world, allowing for cross-cultural communication to flourish.

Language Intelligence has more than two decades of experience providing culture training to business and technical professionals. The two primary groups we provide this service to are expats and cross-cultural teams.

International Relocation Assignees

Employees who understand the nuances of the cultures in which they’ll be living during their international assignments will be more successful in fulfilling their duties abroad. After going through a culture training program such as ours, your employees and their families will feel more at home and more confident in navigating the cultural differences they experience.

Cross-Cultural Teams

If you or your employees work in international teams—collaborating between and communicating with your company’s various offices around the globe—then you may have seen miscommunications arise that had a negative impact on your business or team morale. While it might be tempting to assume that language is the root of the issue, it often goes much deeper. Our culture training programs help you understand your international team members better by giving you insight into their cultural values, associations, and perceptions, thereby allowing for more fruitful collaboration.

The Program

The training programs last either a half day, full day, or several days. They are intended for managers who transfer overseas or who travel on business, as well as for professionals who work with foreign colleagues on a regular basis. Our trainers are cross-cultural experts with broad international business experience. Language Intelligence programs can be designed for individuals, couples, or groups.

Our cross-cultural programs can start with a brief history of a given culture and its institutions. From there you’ll learn some of the more prevalent cultural differences in detail, in addition to the impact those differences have on communication. The focus of the third phase is practical. Here we use interactive exercises to practice your newly acquired skills and knowledge and receive feedback from your instructor.

Even if you don’t have time to learn the language—which will help you understand the people you work with even better—developing cross-cultural understanding will give you, your employees, and your teams a competitive edge in our fast-paced, globalized society.