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We knew there had to be a better way for clients to review their translated content. No one wants to deal with transferring files back and forth by email, trying to track changes, and trying to make sense of translated content viewed out of context.

intellireview® was developed by Language Intelligence to streamline the client review process and make our clients’ lives easier. With intellireview®, you can quickly and easily view your translations in context, with easy reference to the original source. A few quick clicks, and your changes are implemented, your Translation Memory database is updated, and you can move on to your next task.

intellireview for Survey Translation Review

What makes intellireview® the intelligent way to review?

Automatically track all changes to maintain version control

Knowing what’s been changed during review is imperative when you need a final translation of the best quality. intellireview® tracks all changes automatically to ensure that version control is never a concern.

Securely and conveniently access files in the cloud

You never need to transfer files via email or FTP, and no software installation or downloading of files is necessary: all users need to do is log in to intellireview®.

Easy access to original English source

How can you be sure you’re making the right changes when you can’t see the original pre-translated text? intellireview® makes it easy, with no need to look at the English in a separate location. Review untranslated source content as well, so multiple reviewers can sign off on finalized source content whether it will be translated or not.

Automatically update Translation Memory

Translation Memory is a tool designed to save you money and ensure consistent translations. When intellireview® automatically updates your Translation Memory archive, you can be sure that your specific preferences will be recorded and used in the future to save you time and cost.

Access summary reports of all changes

It’s your content, and you want to know that your changes have been implemented. With intellireview®, you can quickly and easily see which of your changes have been implemented into the final translation, and if the linguists had any feedback on suggested changes.

Review XML content exactly as it will appear in its final layout.

Reviewing content prior to formatting is necessary to save on cost. But trying to complete a review without the context of layout can be difficult. intellireview® solves this by displaying XML content exactly how it will appear in its final layout.

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