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Professional Language Services

Language Learning

Language Learning

Delivery Methods

Because we understand that every language learner has different learning preferences, we offer an array of delivery methods to ensure that your language learning experience is suited for your specific needs and goals.

Language Learning Delivery Methods


Through our global network of teachers and partner schools, we can provide in-person, instructor-led programs where and when you need them. Benefits include:

  • Natural engagement with native speakers
  • Modeling of cultural mannerisms
  • Committed timeframe for lessons
  • Personal interaction with your teacher


Private instruction for individuals through our global network of teachers and language schools—either off-site or on-site—offers maximum flexibility and attention. One-on-one is the quickest way to achieve fluency in the target language.

Semi-private and Small Groups

Semi-private instruction—either off-site or on-site—is for groups of two or three people who have similar levels of proficiency and compatible needs and goals. A benefit of group instruction is the increased amount of interaction among participants.


Our immersion program accelerates the learning process to achieve fluency in the shortest possible time. In this highly intensive program, learners spend 20 to 40 hours a week with their teacher and speak exclusively in the target language. Those who are new to the language begin communicating immediately. Advanced learners master the specialized language skills needed to prepare for professional or social situations.

L.I.V.E.™ (Language Intelligence Virtual Environment)

Private or semi-private instruction in the Language Intelligence virtual classroom offers personalized attention and flexibility. Our virtual classroom delivers a rich learning environment. It enables seamless interaction between the learner and instructor by offering web conferencing in high-definition video, desktop sharing, online whiteboards, markups on documents in real time, in addition to pictures and slides. Benefits include:

  • Language learning wherever and whenever
  • Elimination of geographic scheduling constraints and travel expenses
  • Increased scheduling flexibility
  • Lesson recording capability for future reference and review
  • Optional online learning environment

Self-study and Supplementary Delivery Methods

LI ONline

Our online program is ideal for beginners and short-term assignees for pre-departure use and can be used as a quick reference during your employees’ stays in the host country. You can take advantage of the resources available through LI Online to enhance your classroom experience and accelerate your language learning further. Benefits include:

  • 24-hour accessibility
  • Speech recognition and pronunciation tools
  • Over 2,000 hours of learning activities and repeat activities
  • Personalized learning tracks and participatory activities created by your teacher

LI Online is available for English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. It is also AICC and SCORM compliant.


Our audio program enables learners to sharpen their listening skills and expand their cultural knowledge outside of the classroom. Through it you will not only come to understand how various words are pronounced phonetically, but will become adept at speaking without relying on phrases and sentences that were previously written on paper.

Targeted up-to-date supplementary CDs or MP3s will assist you in reaching their language learning goals. We recommend the audio program as a self-study and supplementary tool to face-to-face learning  for all levels.

On-Demand Language Coach

This service provides you with individual assistance on a specific topic from a live language instructor. It’s aimed at professionals needing language coaching on specific tasks, such as preparing a presentation, drafting a contract, writing a report, and other time-sensitive and targeted forms of communications.

If you would like additional detail about our language learning services, please reach out to Petra Henderson.