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When Translation Isn’t Enough

When it comes to marketing your product or service abroad, merely translating words directly into another language isn’t enough. Why risk misinterpretation? Your message makes or breaks that vital connection between you and your audience. You want to communicate your advertisement, tag line or web message with impact and resonance. When communicating on a global scale, it’s essential to adapt or “transcreate” your message into the target language and culture.

Far beyond direct word-for-word translation, transcreation captures the heart and intent of your message and adapts that by harnessing vital nuances such as the cultural values, social cues, humor, appropriateness and tone of your target language and culture.

Our Transcreation Team

Language Intelligence understands that each industry has its own unique requirements, terminology, technology, content and processes. Successful translation requires an understanding of all of these requirements, yet well beyond these skills, our experienced transcreators are also seasoned linguists possessing exceptional marketing, copywriting and advertising skills.

Our transcreators are extremely knowledgeable both in your source and target language and culture, understanding the cultural values and linguistic nuances of the target audience with practical insights into how your message, your graphics, and the marriage of message and graphic might be perceived in a new market.

 Our Transcreation Process

  1. We’ll conduct a thorough interview to assess your needs and goals, working with a creative brief to fully understand your audience and your intent.
  2. We’ll provide you with pricing for the project and hand-select the best transcreator for your project.
  3. The transcreator will generate a series of at least three back translation variations on your message, advertisement or tag line, with a full and comprehensive explanation of the linguistic and cultural nuances/subtleties of each variation and how it will affect your intended message and how it’s perceived.
  4. The most appropriate transcreated messages will be selected.
  5. You’ll conduct market research in-country for additional feedback.

If you are interested in learning more about our Transcreation Services, or would like some pricing information, please contact Rick White (rwhite@languageintelligence.com).