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Professional Language Services



Translation Services

Translation is a complex process using the capabilities of advanced translation technologies coupled with the skills and knowledge of experts and linguists who thoroughly understand the various stages of translation, in addition to the cultures your translations are intended for.

At Language Intelligence, we work with linguists from around the globe who break down linguistic and cultural barriers, going the extra mile to ensure your translations are accurate and well received. We use our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, together with our translation memory and proprietary translation tools, at every stage of the process to help you save time, reduce cost, avoid hassles, and most importantly, receive a level of quality that’s commensurate with your brand.

Our multilingual team of experienced project managers is committed to streamlining the translation process from request to delivery, and always strives to provide the best possible client experience. Through their industry-specific knowledge, our project managers will proactively work together with you to identify ways of improving the translation process for your specific company and industry, reinforcing our commitment to quality.

Market Research Translation

Regardless of the survey platform you use, we can work together with you to create international versions of your qualitative or quantitative surveys that retain the semantic nuances of the original. Using our proprietary intellitranslate™, replock™, and intellireview® tools, you’ll receive your survey translations and survey comment translations quicker than ever before.

Software Localization

Whether you or your company take a Waterfall or Agile approach to software localization, we take great care to advise you throughout the process on best practices for localization and internationalization. Once our linguists have completed localization, we go through a series of validation steps to ensure your translated software runs smoothly in your target markets.

eLearning Localization

Getting your eLearning courses into the hands of international users requires more than just translation. From voiceover and subtitling, to transcription, software localization, and desktop publishing, eLearning localization is truly a multistep process. Our project managers, together with our professional linguists, voice talents, and in-house technical staff, will work tirelessly to customize an eLearning localization process that works with your workflow and schedule.

Life Sciences Translation

Because life science companies work with regulatory bodies from across the globe, receiving impeccable translation is as important as every other step in the compliance process. Whether you’re in the biotech, healthcare, medical devices, or pharmaceutical industry, we assign only linguists to your projects who have either medical backgrounds or many years of experience translating life science content.

Manufacturing Translation

Through our translator selection process, we’ve built a roster of highly qualified linguists with expertise in manufacturing industries ranging from aerospace and electronics, to telecommunications, construction, machinery, and steel, among many others. Not only is our process ISO 9001: 2008 certified—it is also DIN EN 15038 registered and ITAR compliant.

Management Consulting Translation

Similar to survey translation, employee testing materials need to be adapted to other cultures and languages, and in some cases requires more than simple translation. Our experienced project management staff can guide you through the process of preparing and translating your employee testing materials into more than 100 languages.