Translating Manufacturing Documentation for Global Growth

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Your documentation is showing up in new places- are your translations helping? The era of the printed manual is rapidly receding, because printed documentation simply can’t be updated often enough to support today’s agile/rapid development processes. We’re reaching the point where your technical documentation must get upgraded every time you do a software or hardware [...]

How Important is Translation Quality? Isn’t It All the Same?

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Why you should care I recently read an article* on the need to convey professionalism in the translation business. The writer, a translator and an employee of the American Translators Association (ATA), was addressing the view by many, and encouraged by belief in the power of Google Translate, that translation is a basic skill that [...]

Software Localization Process: Part 4, Support Documentation

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This is the final installment in our 4-part series exploring the various details and aspects of the software localization process. This week we look at some considerations for the documentation process, which begins once software translation is complete. No matter how user-friendly your software is, it will almost always need some explanation for your users. [...]