Let us know which languages you need and we'll provide you with voice samples to choose from. Once you've selected your preferred talent we'll record audio in a professional studio with a full QA process to ensure that you receive back fully produced final audio files.

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Voice-over and Subtitling in 100+ Languages

Professional voice-over actors for any type of video or audio

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Businesses are using audio and video to communicate in an ever-increasing way. Whether it's with customers or employees, video is an extremely powerful method of communicating your message. Now it's time to take that message global! Whether it's subtitling or voice-over, we can help you get your message across in 100+ different languages.

Multilingual Voice-over and Subtitling Services

Whether you need a narration script, subtitles, or closed-captioning, we can transcribe the text from your video or audio. We can then provide you back the English document along with the translation in any of your required languages.


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Subtitling is a quick and cost-effective way to provide support to your non-English speaking audiences. Subtitling is the most efficient way to get started in localization, and most quickly serve your target audience.


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