Cultures have personalities and they have their own shared social ‘rules’

We’ve assembled a series of articles on localizing your surveys to fit the cultural framework of five of the largest language markets: French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian. Countries are made up of their people and each have their own unique norms, things a survey creator should be aware of. Some of these represent a potential faux pas that could negatively affect your survey results! For example, from the article on Japan:

“That’s why in order to get accurate data, it’s effective to slightly shift the tone of some of your questions to get the results you’re looking for. For example, during the survey screening process, a common message that pops up in American surveys when eliminating respondents is, “we find you are not qualified for our survey.” By contrast, if you take a look at surveys that were created in Japan by Japanese market research companies, you’ll see messages like, “You have answered all the questions. Thank you for your cooperation,” or something similarly polite that doesn’t communicate that they were “eliminated.””

Getting these cultural cues right can bring meaningful improvement: More responses, higher quality results, higher completion rates, and more. Not only is this useful information, it is a fun read and we suspect you’ll learn something interesting. Get the free eBook here!
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