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Cultural Cues for Market Research in Five Major Language Markets

Tips for successfully localizing your surveys targeting Brazil, Japan, China, France, and Germany

Understanding cultural differences and applying that knowledge to your surveys can have a real impact on their effectiveness. Better response rates, higher completions, and generally more ‘honest answers’ occur when a respondent feels you respect their culture. In this eBook we examine cultural cues for each of five major languages markets, cues that likely vary from culture to culture. We also offer useful basic economic background data for each country. The content focuses on market research but applies to virtually any communication in these languages.

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This eBook assembles five articles on cultural issues to consider when creating market research surveys and other content. Collectively, these five markets represent a significant economic impact on global business, yet each retains its cultural touchpoints. Each of these cultures has a unique way of interacting with the world, including acceptable and unacceptable social conduct. Understanding these cultural cues can go a long way in improving acceptance and effectiveness of your surveys.


From the eBook: 

“Brazilians are very friendly and have a natural willingness to be helpful, according to Juliana Mendonça, a Language Intelligence translator with many years of experience translating market research surveys. This natural willingness to be helpful may help you acquire a lot of interesting and reliable data, but there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before going into interviews or when designing your surveys…”