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Professional eLearning Translation Services

An End-to-End Solution in Over 150 Languages

You can send us your English course content in its source format (Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Captivate, Robohelp, PowerPoint) and simply tell us which languages you need. We'll handle the translation, audio recording, and engineering, and send you back foreign language courses that are ready for distribution directly into your LMS.​

Voiceover or Sub-titling?

If you need narration or sub-titling we can handle that for you also. We can provide voice samples up front, and then we will record in a professional studio with full QA of the final audio. We'll then handle the insertion of the audio into your foreign language course content.

Cultural Sensitivity is the Difference

It's not enough to just translate course content. Culture and language needs to be taken into consideration in order to achieve the same successful learning outcomes for your foreign language users. We'll provide guidance and customization for each of the languages and cultures you're targeting.

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Our Services

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Professional linguists will translate your course content while taking into consideration culture and linguistic nuance to make sure that your content works for the target audience.


Whether you choose voiceover or sub-titling for your project, we'll make sure that the final output is of the same quality as your English course content.


If your team doesn't have experience working with foreign language content we can help by providing an end-to-end engineering service, sending you back complete course content that is ready for distribution.

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