• Rick White - Director of Client Services

Interesting Language Stories We’re Reading August 2019

The Tree of Languages Illustrated in a Big, Beautiful Infographic

From Open Culture

The Shallowness of Google Translate

Douglas Hofstadter Isn’t blown away by machine translation. At least not completely:

“I am very wary of Google Translate, especially given all the hype surrounding it. But despite my distaste, I recognize some astonishing facts about this bête noire of mine. It is accessible for free to anyone on earth, and will convert text in any of roughly 100 languages into text in any of the others. That is humbling.”

From The Atlantic

The future of AI research is in Africa

AI is having an ongoing impact on translation in game changing ways. For it to have a strong foothold in Africa, languages issues will be important…

“The researchers learned that crop disease can significantly reduce yield, so they created a machine-learning model that could diagnose early stages of disease in the cassava plant, an important staple crop in the region. The model, which works directly on farmers’ phones without needing access to the internet, helps them intervene earlier to save their plants.”

From MIT Technology Review

Internationalization and All That Jazz: 5 steps to prepare a (mobile) game for localization

While game localization is not a specialty of ours, reading this article suggests that the challenges faced in translating and localizing game content are very similar to eLearning content (which is an area we specialize in):

  1. Internationalization issues like text display, encoding, embedded text in graphics, etc.

  2. Communication, including working in specialized platforms

  3. Testing

  4. Video and audio dubbing

And more. Maybe we need to rethink that market focus!

From Nimdzi