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Interesting Stuff We’ve Read This Month: February 2019

Articles, interesting facts, insights, etc., from others in the translation and language world

Rosetta Stone for iPhone adds AI to identify objects for live translations

“Today, language teaching developer Rosetta Stone is taking the next step forward by adding augmented reality and machine learning to its iPhone app, enabling users to identify and translate the names of real-world objects…”

From VentureBeat

What Motivates People to Take Free Surveys?

Language Intelligence translates a lot of surveys (into a lot of languages!) and this caught our eye…

“To better understand the reasons people take unpaid surveys and to see whether their attitudes were more systemically positive or negative, we conducted our own research across two online studies.”

From MeasuringU

Small Talk

Did you know small talk has been the subject of extensive linguistic research?

“By the digits

2: Average length, in seconds, of each speaker’s “turn” in a conversation

200: Average length, in milliseconds, of the pause between speakers in conversation, a number remarkably consistent across cultures

4: Maximum number of people who can hold a conversation at once, according to a recent study into a phenomenon known as “the dinner party problem”

94%: Proportion of British respondents in a 2010 survey who had discussed the weather at some point in the previous six hours”

From Quartz

He Said, She Said: Addressing Gender in Neural Machine Translation

It turns out that neural machine translation (NMT) like Google Translate may be reinforcing gender bias stereotypes. They’re working on it.

“Google Translate had previously offered one translation for queries, which reflected the gender bias of the underlying training data. Translations would generally skew toward masculine pronouns for words like “strong” or “doctor” and feminine ones for “beautiful” and “nurse.””

From Slator

Social Features in Chinese Apps

Video Post: Understanding cultural preferences can greatly improve your customer experience. Social sharing while performing tasks online is very popular in China:

“Summary: Social features (like online communities and experience sharing) are very popular in Chinese apps. This video offers examples and tips for adding social features to your product.”

From Nielsen/Norman Group

The Gates’ Nationalism Case for Globalization

In an interview, Bill and Melinda Gates make their case for why a globalism is actually in the country’s interest, across the board:

“Melinda: Certainly the proposal that came out from the administration on the first round of the budget was disappointing to us, incredibly disappointing. But the good news is that Congress actually disposes the money, and Congress knows the importance of foreign aid.

It’s less than 1% of the U.S. government budget, but if you invest in people around the world you will get peace and prosperity and you won’t get ebola and disease crossing the borders.” (emphasis mine)

From The LA Times

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