• Rick White - Director of Client Services

Interesting Stuff We’ve Read This Month: January 2019

Articles, odd facts, insights, etc., from others in the translation and language world for January 2019

Pros and cons of having an official language or languages

“When we think about countries around the world, many of us just assume that each country has one – or more than one – official language. A country’s official language or languages are nationally recognized and are generally used in an official capacity when conducting any and all governmental matters. These languages are also likely used in domestic commerce as well as in the educational system of the land….”

From Nimdzi

Translation Memory Best Practices

A group of language industry user (mainly client-side) gather information on the use of translation memory and offer best practices recommendations. A useful look into how client-side power-users leverage this critical translation management tool. Note: this is comprehensive and definitely targets those who manage these systems and memories on a daily basis.

From GitHub

Localizing Your Social Media Campaigns

When you’re marketing to multiple languages, don’t forget your social media. Examples of sophisticated approaches to this, especially from B2C companies.

“North Face might just be the perfect example of geotargeting. Using the geotargeting feature in an advertisement they ran on Spotify, their new raincoat was only advertised in areas where and when it was raining. This is an example of geo-targeting advertising but it is just as simple to use the same technique when posting on social media.”

From Nimdzi

Baidu launches simultaneous language translation AI

“Baidu has developed an AI system capable of simultaneously translating two languages at once. Aptly dubbed Simultaneous Translation and Anticipation and Controllable Latency (STACL), the Beijing company claims it represents a “major breakthrough” in natural language processing. “

From VentureBeat