• Rick White - Director of Client Services

July 2019: Interesting things we’re reading in the translation and localization sphere

Connected Translation: The new paradigm for the language industry

The stats are startling: We are becoming a content-powered economy and the old models for creating distributing, and consuming it are changing rapidly, including the sheer volume of content requiring translation. Content these days is not static, it is responsive and translation workflows must adapt to that:

“Translations of Alibaba product descriptions might make you chuckle, but the fact is that Alibaba translates 100 billion words every single day!”

From SmartCat

The 30-million word gap: How Children Acquire Language and How It Affects Their Life

Talk to your kids more (even while they are in the womb!) and they will do better later in life:

“You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that newborns prefer to listen to the voice of their mother over that of a stranger. Perhaps more surprisingly though, research by Anne Cutler of the Western Sydney University has shown that a child recognizes the language it has been hearing in the womb during the last trimester of pregnancy”

From Nimdzi

This map shows the most commonly spoken language in every US state, excluding English and Spanish

map showing non-English usage by state

“The map shows a wide variety of languages. German is the most commonly spoken non-English, non-Spanish language in nine states, with French most common in six states and D.C. Vietnamese was the most common language in six states. Pennsylvania stands out for the prevalence of an archaic offshoot of West Central German known as Pennsylvania Dutch, spoken predominantly by Amish and Mennonite communities.”

From Business Insider