• Rick White - Director of Client Services

Meet Our eLearning Translation Team at DevLearn 2019

Updated: Sep 23

We’re not bringing salespeople, we’re bringing the folks who actually manage the translations

Translation can be a black box process to many eLearning project managers. You send source files and request a quote, approve a project, and theoretically you get your translation back in good shape. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out like that, especially in complex projects like eLearning courses that have a lot of moving parts, format-wise. That’s why we spend time developing articles and other content that help our counterparts on the course creation side understand how to get the best translation experience possible. And that’s why we don’t send sales people to a conference like DevLearn. We want you to be able to talk directly to the language pros, who manage complex translation projects over a wide range of languages. Those conversations can go a long way towards making eLearning translation a lot easier and more effective.

Meet the team going to Vegas on October 23rd:

Rick White, Director of Client Services

As Director of Client Services, Rick’s consummate focus is on keeping the client happy. He facilitates the communication process between client and project management team to assure the most cost-effective and efficient localization processes are used to meet the specific needs of each client.

Rick has over sixteen years of experience serving our clients in every aspect of the localization process, in a range of industries. This, combined with the expertise he has developed in the clients’ industries, his creative ability and strong communication skills, allows him to serve our clients on the account level with an exceptionally high degree of customer satisfaction. Rick has a BA in Photography from SUNY Fredonia and studied German for seven years.

Gustavo Lecomte, Localization Project Manager

Gustavo brings his enthusiasm and thorough academic knowledge to bear on every translation project he completes for Market Research, Life Science and Technology clients. Raised in a multi-cultural and well-traveled family, multiple languages have always been part of Gustavo’s everyday life. It is, therefore, natural that he decided to pursue a career in the translation industry. His love for languages and cultures does not stop at his studies or at work; Gustavo is fluent in four languages and has already visited more than twenty countries across four continents. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Multilingual Communication from the Université Rennes in France.

Ty Smartpat, Localization Project Manager

Tyler is driven to connect people by bridging gaps in communication. Having been raised in a multi-cultural family, learning new languages and cultures has always been a passion for Tyler. He has lived on four continents, acquiring knowledge and experience of different cultures along the way. Tyler speaks four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English.  His interests include soccer, backpacking, and travel. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics: Language Structure and Theory, from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Translation, like eLearning design, is a human-centered activity

It’s always a mistake to lump markets and people into groups. As learning design professionals you know you have to build rapport on an individual, one on one basis. With language it is exactly the same. Language is intensely personal and getting translation and localization right makes all the difference in delivering effective learning and training.

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