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TMRE: Navigating the Upcoming Market Research Conference with the Brella App

Making connections is what participating in conferences is all about

Attendees and exhibitors at the upcoming conference known as The Market Research Event (TMRE) get access to a unique networking app known as Brella. If you’re going, make sure you take advantage of this interesting tool for meeting up and connecting. You can learn more about it here and below.

[Note: You won’t be able to access the Brella app until two weeks prior to the event and you must be a paying attendee to access it.]

We’re sending a team of our Market Research Translation Project Managers to TMRE and we will be exhibiting. Our goal is to get face to face with existing market research clients and meet new people in the field. We’re not sending in a sales team (we don’t really have one!), we’re bringing the people who manage the work and who interact with their counterparts on the client-side on a daily basis. The first step is to use the Brella App to start making connections.

What is Brella?

Brella is an app licensed by conference planners to facilitate networking amongst attendees. You can only access it if you are a registered ticket holder to the event. This, in theory, keeps various marketers and salespeople from carpet bombing attendees with unsolicited and irrelevant stuff. You fill out a profile and then select actions you are interested in- specific topics you want to explore with another attendee. It matches you up with others whose intent matches your own for a quick conversation. Think of it as a speed dating app for business networking. We haven’t used it yet, but find the concept interesting, in part because connecting at these huge events can be a challenge (to put it nicely!).

The Goal: Bringing clarity to the Market Research Translation automation story

We’ve been developing a workflow automation process for our market research translation and localization practice. The overriding focus is on speed, without any sacrifice in quality- either translation quality or the experience of our clients. In fact, the goal is a far more streamlined experience. You’ll be able, directly from your survey creation platform, to order a translation, select language pairs and upload content. A quote will be automagically (an actual tech term, or so I’m told) generated and on your approval the translation will be prepped and sent off to a translator with MR experience. We’re excited about offering this to all our MR clients. It will be one of the topics we want to share with TMRE attendees for feedback.

There is not always a lot of clarity about translation processes, turnaround times, etc.

Should we use Google Translate for open comment field translation? Why can it be hard to get a fast turnaround for short content changes? Are we offending our target audience in Swahili? Or making them laugh, then losing them? These are the kinds of questions we want to answer. Reach out ahead of TMRE and we’ll buy you a coffee or a drink and answer that pressing query about why the Japanese won’t respond to certain kinds of questions…

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