• Rick White - Director of Client Services

What is a “Pass-through’ eLearning Translation Model?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

An efficient way to offer learning in multiple languages to your clients, without adding significant internal resources

Would you like to easily add multiple language offerings for your eLearning and training courses, without creating a major new service category, with its attendant costs? Our eLearning and training development clients are able to offer multilingual versions of their courses, without adding significant internal resources. This gives them the flexibility to sell localization services as a value-add service. We call it our eLearning Translation Pass-through Model.

This model is effective because you’re working with an integrated language service provider (LSP)

Integration means that we handle every aspect of the course translation, from text to audio and video production/editing to desktop publishing. Send us your course files and we return them, properly formatted, in the languages you requested. This is an all-in service with no project management required on your end, other than review, if you chose to do this internally (our process always includes in-country review by a native speaking linguist with subject matter expertise).

By taking the project management load off of your people, this process enables what we call Pass-through eLearning Translation. This opens up several scenarios:

  1. You simply pass-through our cost to your client, as a service

  2. Or you mark it up (we can advise on what is reasonable)

  3. Or you build it into your quote

This is our standard operating procedure

Because this is the default way we quote and manage eLearning and Training projects, the costs are competitive. In addition, because we manage multiple processes, based on extensive experience and access to expert resources, turnaround time often faster than projects you manage in-house with multiple vendors. This frees up your teams’ time and lets them focus on your core eLearning and training business.

Leveraging our technology to streamline communication processes during the translation project

Client review is critical to any successful translation and localization project. It is doubly true for eLearning because of the many different media formats, branching text, various courseware platforms, supporting materials, etc. Effective translations, the ones that clients rave about, are culturally sensitive. We utilize our intellireview software to centralize the review material in a cloud-based application that our reviewers and yours can access. No more emailed translations or version control issues, which get magnified because of all those media formats.

We’ve optimized our internal resources, including intellireview development, to support the Pass-Through Model for eLearning Translation. The goal is to offer you the best quality eLearning translation and localization experience, based on our extensive experience working with leading learning and development providers.

Want to know more about the elearning Translation Pass-through Model and how it could streamline your translation processes? We’d be happy to discuss your situation and help you adapt this model to your business strategy. Contact us via our contact form or call at +1 (585) 244-5578 to arrange a conversation at a time and date convenient to you.