We understand what is unique about your industry’s requirements

Quality Translation Requires Subject Matter Expertise

Language Intelligence understands that each industry is unique, and as such has its own unique requirements, terminology, technology, content, and processes. Successful translation requires an understanding of all of these requirements.

Language Intelligence has teams of project managers, technical staff and professional linguists who focus exclusively on translation for the following industries:

When people learn, they prefer to learn in their native tongues. In fact, studies show that education is more effective if students learn in their native languages, even if they’re multilingual. Our localization services focus on accurate and culturally relevant translation that helps your courses and training sessions retain their full value and meaning across multiple languages. We also translate and produce presentation materials and audio-visual elements including soundtracks, voice-overs, and subtitling where appropriate.

We work in all industry-standard courseware formats.

Language Intelligence provides market research translation services to companies both small and large that conduct research internationally and require Survey Translation and/or Survey Comment Translation. Because we understand that translation is just one part of the localization process, our market research work always respects the cultural context of the target languages for accurate results.

We work in all industry-standard survey software formats.

Language Intelligence provides high quality translation to various Life Sciences industries: Biotech, Healthcare, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceutical. We understand the complexity and risks involved in translating for these heavily regulated industries.

We offer a full suite of services to our life science clients. Our extensive experience helps you navigate regulatory issues specific to the country and target language of your markets.

It has been proven that products sell more effectively internationally when the documentation, product information, software, and marketing collateral are translated into the language of the customer. Language Intelligence provides translation services to manufacturers that are selling their products internationally.

Choosing the right software localization services can be a struggle. Naturally you’ll be concerned with turnaround times, the overall project costs, and whether your translation service provider can align themselves with your specific software development methodology. With an internal software development team of our own, we bring a unique perspective that’s based on our experience with both our own software and our clients’ software localization processes.

We work in all major programming languages.

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