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Market Research Verbatim Translation

Quick and cost-effective verbatim translation solutions

After your survey has gone to field, understanding what your respondents have to say, all over the world, is key.

You’re looking to capture extra detail from your global respondents, but how can you ensure your researchers have the most accurate data possible? 


Language Intelligence can help. 


We understand how important open-ended responses can be when evaluating your market research, so we’ve built a robust survey comment translation process to provide you with the insights you need.​

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Survey comment translation is the process of translating your survey’s open-ended comments back into the source language to analyze your respondent’s feedback.


Our survey comment translation workflow is more than providing a word-for-word translation. Instead, our in-country, native-speaking linguists will take the survey questions into account to translate and localize the verbatims with the respondent’s intent in mind. As a result, you’ll receive localized content ready to fuel your market research.


Market research survey translation requires a deep understanding of the unique linguistic and cultural challenges that come with global research projects. Our multi-step survey translation process, combined with our proprietary translation technology has been developed with your specific needs in mind.

Our Survey Comment Translation Workflow

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We've built a proprietary API that allows us to connect directly to all primary survey platforms to capture your survey comments practically in real-time.


This integration allows us to start translating your survey comments immediately, as soon as they come in. Rather than waiting to collect the comments after the survey ends, we can start our data aggregation process once your survey goes to field. 


We built this pipeline to provide you with your research insights, right away.

API Integration / Automation

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