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Multilingual Transcription Services

A full range of foreign language transcription for every form of content


Reliable, high quality, fast transcription services across multiple languages, supporting all standard audio and video formats.

Send us your audio or video and our professional human transcriptionists will promptly provide you back a high quality transcription.

Transcription Services in Multiple Languages

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Audio Transcription

Physical Transcription

We'll take your physical documents and transcribe them into a digital and editable format, allowing for a better translation.  

We'll transcribe the content of a recorded audiovisual file into a transcript to make for easy translation and analysis. 

Which type of transcription do you need?

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Our Multilingual Transcription Capabilities

Our linguists are in-country, native speakers of over 100 languages and are familiar with transcribing content of all kinds. Have a project like the ones below? We've got you covered.

  • eLearning Modules

  • Conference Recordings

  • Voice Messages and Phone Calls 

  • Physical Market Research Surveys

  • Focus Group Discussions 

  • Interviews

  • Broadcasts

  • Advertisements

  • Recordings of lectures and speeches

  • TV Shows 

  • Commercials

  • Internet Audio and Video

  • Documentaries

  • Webinars and Podcasts

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