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Our Translation Technology

Proprietary translation technology to deliver high-quality translation and localization services.

It takes talented humans and the latest translation technology to provide accurate, culturally-relevant translations for your team.


Language Intelligence's goal is to be an end-to-end translation technology resource for all your translation projects. We use a combination of our own homegrown software solutions and best-in-class third-party solutions for translation memory and machine translation. 


With our technology, you can streamline your workflows, cut costs, and seamlessly integrate your translated material into the platforms you already use.

Technology Enabled Human Translation

Designed to Streamline Every Detail of Your Project


Keep your translation projects right at your fingertips with intelliportalⓇ. Once you start a project with us, we’ll configure our intelliportalⓇ platform to fit the scope and needs of your project.


This communications platform provides:


Quicker Quotes

You’ll have access to a dedicated, in-house project manager, so you can request project quotes directly through the portal. 


Tracking in Real-Time

Want to check the status of your project, analyze spend, or access a report? You can do it all right here.

More Powerful Data

Our custom reports will break down all the business-critical data you need with the click of a button.


Easy-to-Find Documents

All of your project deliverables will be stored and backed up in the portal, making it easy for you to quickly find what you need without scouring email chains or server paths.

intelliportalⓇ is a cloud-based SaaS communications platform that makes your projects easily accessible and transparent.

Existing customer? Log in to intelliportal


A Centralized Platform for Performing Translation Review


Does your organization look to your internal, native-speaking employees to review your translated content? If so, intellireview® is for you. 


intellireview® streamlines the process of capturing your translation feedback and allows for cross-team collaboration in a secure web environment. No matter where you are in the world, you can quickly access and review all your content in one place. 


Intentionally designed to be simple, intellireview® is:


Easy to Access 

There’s no need to download any software to see your translated content - you’ll have instant access to your translations, in the browser of your choice, with just the click of a button.


Highly Secure 

Your content will be protected in our cloud-based platform. No need to risk translating files in an unsecured environment.


Simple to Track Changes

intellireview® facilitates a feedback loop between client reviewers and linguists, and everything is saved directly in the platform. 

Take advantage of intellireview®’s secure, simple interface and easy functionality to centralize your in-country review process.

Automate Your Translation Prep And Preserve Your Programming

Prepping your XML survey files for translation shouldn’t have to be a headache. intellitranslate™ was designed to automate translation prep work and can:


Works With All Leading Market Research Survey Platforms

If you host your survey in Dimensions, Confirmit, Qualtrics, or Decipher, we have an option for you. If you work with another survey platform, our team will create your own translation prep solution.


Preserve All Programming

No need to manually sort through complex survey programming to access the content needed for translation. intellitranslate™ can read your survey file and extract only the respondent-facing text while keeping all programming coding intact. Once the translation is done, intellitranslate™ will process the translated content back into the file’s original final format. 


Save Time and Money

Not all parts of your survey will need translation, so intellitranslate™ consolidates the content for you. You’ll have the option to easily choose which languages and demographic information you’d like translated for different portions of the survey depending on your needs. 


Remove the hassle from your process and make your translation prep easy with intellitranslate™.  

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