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Market Research Coding Services

Quick and efficient coding in multiple languages

Let Us Categorize for You

Sorting through your survey verbatims can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s where Language Intelligence comes to help. A member of our team will systematically organize and sort through your survey verbatims and categorize them into themes for easier data analysis. 


No matter if you have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of verbatims, let us handle your coding. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Chalkboard with Different Languages
Data Cleaning and Standardization

Ensure the integrity of your data by relying on our experts to clean and standardize your datasets, eliminating inconsistencies and errors.

Quantitative Coding

Experience seamless quantitative data analysis with our expert coding services. We specialize in coding numerical data to facilitate statistical analysis and interpretation.

Qualitative Coding

Unlock the rich insights hidden in qualitative data with our qualitative coding services. Our team excels in coding open-ended responses, interviews, and other qualitative research inputs.

Codebook Development

We assist in the creation of comprehensive codebooks, providing a clear roadmap for coding and ensuring consistency across your research project.

Our Market Research Coding Services

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Unparalleled Expertise

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of market research coding methodologies. We bring years of experience to the table, ensuring that your coding needs are met with precision and efficiency.


Customized Solutions

We recognize that each research project is unique. That's why we tailor our coding services to match the specific requirements of your study. Whether it's qualitative or quantitative research, we have the expertise to handle diverse coding tasks.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Embrace the power of technology with Language Intelligence. We utilize the latest coding tools and software to streamline the coding process, ensuring accuracy and speed in handling large datasets.


Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Every code assigned to your data undergoes rigorous quality checks to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of your research findings.


Timely Delivery

Time is of the essence in the business world. We understand the importance of deadlines, and our team is dedicated to delivering accurate results within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Why Choose Language Intelligence for your Coding Needs?

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