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Manufacturing Translation Services

Prepare for success in the global marketplace

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Embrace Global Opportunities With a Competitive Edge 

Manufacturing companies operate in a complex and highly technical industry where accurate communication is essential. In a globalized economy, these businesses must be able to effectively communicate with suppliers, customers, and other global stakeholders around the world. 


At Language Intelligence, we understand the unique challenges faced by manufacturers when it comes to entering global markets. Our manufacturing translation services cater to the specific needs of your industry and will help organizations maintain consistency and quality across their global operations. 


By using our professional translation services, manufacturers can streamline global communication, reduce errors, and ensure their products meet international regulatory standards.

Industry Specializations


Commercial and military aviation, spacecraft, and satellites


Personal and commercial vehicles, parts and accessories, automotive services


Consumer electronics, hardware, semiconductors, electronic equipment and manufacturing


Land, naval, aerospace, and weapons systems, electronics and military communications.


Pharmaceutical, agricultural, consumer chemicals, plastic and synthetic materials.

Oil & Gas

Upstream, midstream, downstream operations, oilfield services and petrochemicals.

Medical Device

Diagnostic equipment, medical instruments, in-vitro diagnostic products, implants


Renewable energy, energy storage, water and waste management, energy efficency technologies

We have experience providing translation services to a wide range of manufacturing sectors, including:

Our Manufacturing Translation Services

We provide multilingual voice-over, subtitling, and transcription to help you get your message across.

Our professional DTP team will convert and adapt your content to ensure it looks professional and complete in every language. 

Complex elements such as Animation, interactivity, and video are no problem for our localization engineering team

We will created create a customized solution to meet the needs of your global learners.

intellireview® technology allows for a seamless collaboration between your team and our translators

Professional human translation backed by a ISO-certified quality management system.

Manufacturing Content Types

Language Intelligence’s team of professional, native-speaking translators possess a deep understanding of the manufacturing industry and will provide accurate and reliable translations of the following content types:

  • Labels & Packaging

  • Marketing collateral

  • Material Safety Data Sheets

  • Software

  • Technical documentation

  • Training / Help documentation

  • User Interfaces

  • User / Operator guides

  • Website Content

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Let's talk!

We want to hear about your translation needs and share more information about our services.

Since our inception in 1988 Language Intelligence has been following a documented Quality Management System. In 2009 we chose to certify our Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2008 standard as proof to our customers of how serious quality assurance is to us as a company. We have since updated our certification to ISO 9001:2015, and we plan to continue to maintain certification moving forward.


We chose the ISO standard because we believe that it is the most comprehensive of all of the current guidelines and standards available to the translation industry, and because it is a standard that many of our customers are familiar with, or have implemented themselves.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification - Your Quality Guarantee

Streamline Your Workflow With Our Translation Technology

It takes talented humans, combined with the latest translation technology to provide accurate, culturally-relevant  translations for your organization.

We use a combination of our own homegrown tech solutions and best-in-class third party solutions to 

 optimize your translation and localization process. 


With our technology, you can streamline your manufacturing translation workflows, decrease costs, and seamlessly integrate your translated material into the platforms you already use.


Our easy-access translation portal keeps every detail of your project easily accessible, all in one place.


Capture translation feedback with intellireview, which allows for cross-team collaboration in a secure web environment.

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