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Live, On-demand Interpreting Services

Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting where and when you need it

Professional Interpreting Services

Interpreting requires more than just knowing the language

Language Intelligence knows that excellent interpreting services go beyond mere fluency. They require an understanding and appreciation of cultural nuances as well as subject-matter expertise.


Having a dependable language professional who doesn’t simply relay your message, but one who can navigate industry-specific standards, jargon, colloquialisms, idioms, and any culture-specific references with ease is key to successful communication.

What will we need to know?


1. Language(s) required
2. Day(s) and Time(s) the interpreter is needed
3. Subject matter (technical, legal, medical)
4. Directions for the call-in or to the site

Which type of interpreting do you need?

Simultaneous Interpreting Icon.png

Simultaneous Interpreting

Used at larger conferences, depositions, and UN meetings, simultaneous interpreting demands that linguists convert the source language into the target language as the speaker is talking.

Consecutive Intepreting Icon.png

Consecutive Interpreting

Regularly used in smaller settings such as training sessions, intimate business meetings, and interviews, consecutive interpreting involves having a linguist interpret once the speaker is done talking.

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