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Healthcare Translation Services

Speak the language of your patients

Reliable Healthcare Translation Services to Foster an Inclusive Patient Environment

In an increasingly globalized world, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and pharmacies are under constant pressure to provide language services for individuals with limited English proficiency. It is imperative to provide language translation in healthcare to ensure safe and consistent healthcare access, smoother patient experiences, and better health outcomes. Access to medical information is imperative to a patient’s health and requires translation that is of the highest quality and accuracy. 


Language Intelligence has been providing reliable healthcare translation services for over 30 years. With our help, you can promote healthy patients worldwide.

Medical Staff


Healthcare and Medical Document Content Types

Our extensive translation experience in the healthcare industry ensures reliable translations for the following healthcare and medical document content types:

  • Case Report Forms (CRFs)

  • Clinical Trials And Protocols

  • CRA Training Materials And Videos

  • Data Sheets

  • Discharge Summaries

  • Drug Packaging And Labeling

  • Health Information Brochures

  • Hospital Records

  • Informed Consent Forms (ICFs)

  • IRC/IEC Documentation

  • Medical History Reports

  • Medication Labels And Inserts

  • Patient Information

  • Patient Reported Outcomes Forms (PROs)

  • Patient Surveys And Diaries

  • Pharmacy Materials

  • Physical Examination Reports

  • Treatment Instructions

End-to-End Healthcare Translation Services for Healthy Patients

Language Intelligence has spent the last 30 years streamlining our end-to-end localization solutions to ensure the healthcare translations are of the highest quality. From start to finish, our ISO-certified team of knowledgeable project managers and linguists will ensure your translated content can be communicated clearly and effectively to your patients across the globe.


Quality assurance is extremely important to us, so we only employ native-speaking, in-country linguists who have specialized experience within the healthcare space. Our end-to-end translation and localization workflow ensure all your content will be up-to-date with the latest compliance and regulatory standards. If needed, we can also provide certified translations and translators for an additional layer of quality assurance.

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