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A Platform to Automate Your Translation Prep

Preparing an XML survey file for translation can be a headache. Sorting through the survey's code and extracting only the content that needs translation is time-consuming and leaves room for error. 


Meet intellitranslate™


Created to automate translation prep work, intellitranslate™ allows your team to easily extract just the content needed for translation while preserving all survey programming. Then once your translation is complete, intellitranslate™ will process the content back into the survey’s original format, which can be uploaded right into the survey platform. 

intellitranslate™ makes translation prep easy for you.

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Compatible With the Leading Market Research Survey Platforms

Do you host your survey in Dimensions, Confirmit, Qualtrics, or Decipher? If so, we’ve got you covered- intellitranslate™ works within all main market research platforms. 


Work with another survey platform? Not a problem- our team will create a translation prep solution just for you.

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Gone are the days when you have to manually sort through survey programming to access the content you need.


Let us do the heavy lifting for you - intellitranslate™ can read your survey file and extract only the respondent-facing text while keeping all coding intact. 


Then, we’ll send the content out for translation and once complete, process the translated content back into the file’s original final format.


It’s as easy as that - you won’t have to copy and paste long strings of code and there’s no risk of making coding errors.

Preserve Your Programming

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We know that not all survey questions are applicable to each language and locale you may be targeting, so intellitranslate™ consolidates the content for you. You have the option to easily choose which languages and demographic information you’d like translated for different portions of the survey. 


As a result, we’ll only be working with the exact content you need, meaning we can deliver the translations faster and provide additional cost savings.

Save Time and Translation Costs

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Make the most of intellitranslate™ and prep your survey with ease. intellitranslate™ can be a valuable asset to your team’s market research translation process, and Language Intelligence would love to help.


Get in touch with us to schedule a demo, today! 

Make Your Translation Prep Easy With intellitranslate™
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