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A Cloud-Based Platform for Performing Translation Review

Does your organization look to your internal, native-speaking employees to review your translated content? If so, intellireview® is for you.


intellireview® streamlines the process of capturing your translation feedback and allows for cross-team collaboration in a secure web environment. 

Intentionally designed to be simple, intellireview® lets you quickly access and review all of your content in one place.

When managed effectively, translation review can be a highly valuable step in your translation and localization journey. If you'd like to learn more about the client-side translation review process, we invite you to read more here

Easy to Access and Highly Secure


There's no need to download any software in order to access your translated content.


You'll have instant access to your translations, in the browser of your choice, with just the click of a button.


Just log into our easy-to-use interface to start your review. After you're done, all you have to do is log out and your comments will be saved.

You can rest be assured that your content is protected in our cloud-based platform, which eliminates the risk of transferring files in an unsecured environment. 

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With intellireview®, it is simple to track changes and collaborate. intellireview facilitates a feedback loop between client reviewers and linguists, and everything is saved directly in the platform.

You'll start by reviewing the content and comment with any suggestions you may have. Once done, our linguist will review your feedback and implement any necessary changes.

Review With Ease

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Take advantage of intellireview®'s easy functionality, simple interface, and secure platform to take control of your translation review process. intellireview® can be a valuable asset to your team, so get in touch with us to schedule a demo today!

Streamline Your Translation Review Process 

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