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eLearning Localization Services

Building connections with your global learners

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Bridging Cultural Gaps and Crossing Cultural Divides


Language is dynamic and constantly changing, which poses a challenge for those looking to communicate with learners all over the world.


With multiple languages to consider and regions of the world to expand into, many are left questioning how they can adequately create training materials in a manner in which every learner can understand.


Localization makes this all possible.


Localization is the adaptation of content to the target language’s culture, region, and audience. Where translation is the literal word for word rendering from one language to another, localized content will cater to a variety of cultural differences. 

This means the linguist will take a locale's specific history, customs, and societal preferences into account when modifying the training material for global audiences.

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Comprehensive eLearning Solutions

When you work with Language Intelligence, you will receive a dedicated in-house, USA-based localization project manager. Your project manager will work in tandem with professional linguists who are native speakers of the target language and are experienced in your specific industry.


Our customized eLearning workflows ensure you will receive your fully localized projects on time, with unparalleled accuracy, all while meeting your budget.

Voice-over and Subtitling.jpg

Home-grown technology solutions incorporated into human translation workflows.


Let us coordinate voice-overs and other narration text so you can speak the language of your listeners.

A two-step translation and localization process, voiceover, multilingual DTP, linguistic QA, SCORM testing, and platform integration.

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Let's talk!

We want to hear about your translation needs and share more information about our services.

Multilingual Learning and Development Content Solutions

  • Training modules and websites

  • Strategic planning 

  • Rubrics and grading requirements

  • XML-based training

  • Badges and certificates

  • Certification and assessment programs

  • Classroom-based instructional material

  • Template design and development

  • Registration and user management

  • Powerpoint and multimedia presentations

  • Testing services

  • Instructor training 

  • Audio scripts and voiceovers

  • Training and certification programs

  • New employee orientations

Human-Centered Cultural Communication

The relationship between humans and languages is so deeply interwoven that it is impossible to have one without the other.


That’s why at Language Intelligence we believe that proper translation and localization can only be accomplished by humans, for humans. 


Culture is at the heart of everything we do. Our team is made up of in-country, native-speaking linguistic professionals, localization project managers with international cultural experience, and quality managers whose goal is to help you accurately communicate with global learners.

eLearning - Human Centered Localization.png

Streamline Your Workflow With Translation Technology

It takes talented humans combined with the latest translation technology to provide accurate, culturally-relevant eLearning translations for your team.


We’ve developed proprietary technology and automations optimized to your translation and localization process.


Our easy-access translation portal keeps every detail of your project easily accessible, all in one place.


Capture translation feedback with intellireview, which allows for cross-team collaboration in a secure web environment.

Translation and Localization Workflow.png

Our Human-First eLearning Localization Workflow

We have built our eLearning translation and localization workflows to have human touchpoints at every stage of the process. Because you have to take the culture of your learners into account, there’s no such thing as a one-size fits all approach to localization and translation.


Instead, our team will use our cultural understanding and experience to identify the strategic goals of your content and create a personalized solution to meet your needs and learner outcomes.

Project Initiation

Kick off your project by logging into the intelliportal® translation portal to initiate a project quote.

Project Scope & Quote Review

Your localization project manager will spend the time to carefully go over the specs of your project, complete a source review of the material, and determine an appropriate workflow and timeline. They’ll then create a customized eLearning translation plan based on your needs.

Translation and Localization

Professional, in-country, native-speaking linguists will translate and localize your content, following a two-step translation and editing process. The linguists are chosen for your project based on their specific industry expertise in the learning and development industry.

Linguistic Collaboration

During this step, a native-speaker member of your team will take a look at the localized content to offer any suggestions in regard to company-specific messaging, tone of voice, and/or branding. The goal is for your team members to look for specific brand nuances that may be missed by a linguist who isn’t a member of your organization.


We make it easy for your in-country teams to collaborate via intellireview®’s simple interface and secure platform.


Our in-house multilingual DTP team assembles the foreign language content so it looks professional and complete for all your learners, no matter their language or locale. In addition, our localization engineers oversee and support a smooth technology process throughout the project’s life cycle.


Once the content is finalized, the linguists will perform a linguistic Q/A to ensure the material is appropriate for global distribution. They will look at the material as if they are the learner, and they’ll see everything in its completed formatting. 


We will also prepare the content for LMS integration and test for SCORM compliance if needed.

We can work with any of the below content formats, including but not limited to: