Multilingual Voice-over and Subtitling

Let us know which languages you need and we'll provide you with voice samples to choose from. Once you've selected your preferred talent we'll record audio in a professional studio with a full QA process to ensure that you receive back fully produced final audio files.

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Professional eLearning Translation Services

End-to-end eLearning localization in 100+ languages


eLearning Translation presents many challenges beyond just localizing the content to ensure a seamless experience for your non-English speaking learners. There are interactive elements, animations, video and audio, and output requirements such as SCORM that all need consideration during localization.


We’ve developed an end-to-end solution that encompasses all of these components. You can simply send us your source content and we’ll send you back fully localized foreign language course content that is ready for distribution to your LMS!

Taking language and culture into account in learning outcomes

Send us your source files and required languages and we'll take it from there. Professional human translators who are in-country and native speakers of the target language will translate your content, always with your target audience in mind. Quality management is top our priority.


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eLearning translation can be complex. You'll want to work with an eLearning translation service that can not only translate, but also engineer your foreign language content so that when you receive it back it can go straight to distribution. 


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