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eLearning Translation requires an efficient and easy end-to-end process

Taking language and culture into account, while building a process that makes it easy for you

eLearning Translation Services

Providing your training in multiple languages is the fast path to market growth

Whether you develop custom eLearning content for multinational companies or create pre-built content for wider demographics, one thing is clear: having a quality eLearning translation service in place is essential to getting your programs into the hands of international users quickly and easily.

eLearning Translation requires adaptation of multiple components

Translating eLearning content can be a complex process to manage. Proprietary courseware formats, audio and video, support materials, and course architecture can often involve coordinating multiple vendors and managing multiple languages. But it doesn’t have to.

We Provide an End-to-End eLearning Translation Experience

With Language Intelligence, you don’t need to manage multiple processes. You send us the course files, including multimedia, slides, print materials, etc., in your preferred formats and we return the translations in those same preferred formats.


All without a higher price tag and without straining your internal resources. And this ‘pass-through’ translation model offers opportunities for market expansion.

Moving From Management Challenge to Profit Center

Language markets represent new market opportunities. Adding languages opens new  market potential. But if translation is taking up too many internal resources, it can be difficult to unlock this new profit potential.


We take translation project management off your plate and simply deliver your new languages, ready to go. With competitive pricing and no quality compromises.

What can we translate?

We work directly with the primary development platforms so all you have to do is send us your source files and we'll send you back foreign language versions that are fully translated, quality tested, and engineered.

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