Quality Management

Our Quality Management and Certification Protocols

Translation quality assurance is the primary concern of any purchaser of translation services. This is understandable considering that, unless you speak the language you are translating into, you have no way of assessing the quality of the final translation.


Whether it is a carefully crafted marketing message, a complex software product, or highly sensitive medical content, quality translation is critical. Language Intelligence understands the need for quality assurance, and as a result we have designed our Translation Quality Management System.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System

Since our inception in 1988 Language Intelligence has been following a documented Quality Management System. In 2009 we chose to certify our Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2008 standard as proof to our customers of how serious quality assurance is to us as a company. We have since updated our certification to ISO 9001:2015, and we plan to continue to maintain certification moving forward.


We chose the ISO standard because we believe that it is the most comprehensive of all of the current guidelines and standards available to the translation industry, and because it is a standard that many of our customers are familiar with, or have implemented themselves.


Any of our customers, or prospective customers, are welcome to review our documented quality processes and procedures, along with our measurement and improvement records.


Some of the processes documented in our Quality Management System include:

  • Our Translator Qualification Process

  • Translator Evaluation Procedure (which incorporates the SAE J2450 metric)

  • Translation Quality Control (standard and optional QC steps)

  • Translation Project Management (this includes project manager training and related documented procedures)

Language Intelligence - ISO 9001 2015 Ce

Quality Management Tools

Even with the significant advancement of automated translation technology, almost all professional translation is still done by human translators. Machines have not evolved to the point yet where they are able to handle the nuance of a marketing message, or the terminology and complexity of medical content.


That being said, there are tools that human translators can employ to enhance the quality and consistency of their translations. We believe that leveraging these technologies is not only advantageous, but critical to the process, not only for the quality benefits, but also for cost and timing.


Some of the technologies that we employ include:

  • intellireview – This is our proprietary translation review tool. Read more about intellireview.

  • Translation Memory – Translation Memory technology stores your translations for reuse, which allows for increased consistency along with reduced cost and quicker turnarounds.

  • Terminology Management Platform – We use a terminology management platform that mines for common terms and then stores them along with your translation memory database for increased translation accuracy.


Certified Translations

Language Intelligence has made an ongoing commitment to quality that is evident in each translation we deliver. As proof, we offer Certified Translations to any of our clients that have this as a requirement.


If you have specific translation quality requirements that you would like to discuss, or if you would like to learn more about our Translation Quality Management System, please contact us via phone at 585.244.5578 or through the Contact Us page.