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The Localization Process

Learn, speak, and communicate across languages and cultures.

Words are ambassadors. Words help bridge cultural divides and build human connections worldwide, and proper localization makes this possible.


Where translation is the literal rendering of a word from one language to another, the process of localization is the adaptation of content to the target language's culture.


Localization is when a linguist will take the unique cultural considerations of a specific locale into account when working with the translated material. Localized content will cater to cultural differences including a locale's history, customs, and societal preferences, which makes the content feel natural and familiar to the reader.


After all, localization is meant to be invisible- if the reader can notice that the content has been localized, then it hasn’t been done correctly. Natural, culturally-relevant content is the goal, resulting in a much more comprehensive process than translation.

Here's our process of localization.

What is Localization?


Have a project that is ready to be translated and localized? Our in-house, USA-based project managers will gather your project's information, complete a source review of the material, and determine an appropriate workflow and timeline. 

Requesting a Quote

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Two-Step Translation and Edit 

Our  ISO-certified translation and editing process involves working with two separate linguists, each with specific experience in your industry.  

Our translation and localization team includes over 400 linguistic professionals who are native speakers of 150+ languages. Each project will start with one dedicated translator looking over the content. After they are done, the content will then be reviewed by a separate editor to ensure accurate and culturally-relevant translations, no matter complexity and content type. 

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

Your documents are more than just words on a page, and your message may be compromised if your content is not translated and localized correctly.

Different languages and locales use different numbers, words, and characters to express the same thing, making it important to localize your content from locale to locale.


Our experienced desktop publishing team will ensure your message resonates across languages and locales by:

  • Adapting left-to-right texts into right-to-left languages,

  • Modifying layout designs into languages that tend to be longer or shorter than English,

  • Ensuring images, colors, and other graphic elements are culturally appropriate,

  • Adjusting images for alignment with character-based languages.

Step 3 - DTP.png

In-Country Review (ICR)

Translation and localization quality assurance is very important to use, and In-Country Review (ICR) helps to make this happen. 

During this step, a native-speaker member of your team will take a look at the translated content and offer any suggestions in regard to company-specific messaging, tone of voice, and/or branding. 

You'll receive the translated content in our proprietary, cloud-based platform, intellireview®, which can be sent to your team member by a secure link. 

intellireview® then streamlines the process of capturing your employee's translation feedback and allows for cross-team collaboration with our project managers and linguists, in a secure web environment. 

Step 4 - In-Country Review.jpg

As the last step in the localization process, your dedicated project manager will perform a final quality assurance step of your content before final delivery.

This is to ensure that your content is complete and matches your project specifications precisely.


You can rest assured that the translated files you receive from us are of the highest quality and ready for global distribution.


Step 5 - Delivery.png

Technology is at the core of what we do, and as a fully integrated localization service provider, Language Intelligence can handle every detail of your project. 


We've developed our own homegrown solutions to provide an end-to-end translation platform for all of your translation and localization needs.

Our Proprietary Technology

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