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We help you localize your research for accurate results across countries and cultures

Market Research Translation Services

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Let's talk!

We want to hear about your translation needs and share more information about our services.

We Understand the Importance of Speed and Accuracy


The sooner your survey translations are completed, the quicker you can get your survey out into the field and deliver global insights to your end client. That’s where we come in.


As specialists in market research translation, we’ve developed unique technology and fine-tuned our processes for fast turnarounds and accurate translation.


Why? Because properly localized survey content is critical to getting useful results.

Data on a Touch Pad

Language Intelligence offers translation and localization services for every stage of your market research journey. We have experience with both qualitative and quantitative projects, and when you work with Language Intelligence, you will work with a dedicated, in-house project manager.


We strive to deliver quality translation and localization results while ensuring your satisfaction and building a long-term relationship with you!

Our End-to-End Market Research Translation Solutions


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Need to translate a survey questionnaire into 30 different languages in 2 days? We can do that for you! Let's connect and talk process.

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We can translate your international survey responses back into English for your team to work with. 150+ languages offered.

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Coding services that meet your timelines and budget. We can code in-language, or translate and code so you have the English responses.

Who We Serve


Integrating Our Technology Into Your Chosen Survey Platform

We can integrate technology into your translation workflow no matter how advanced your process is:

Partial integration: We build your workflow in a modular way, incorporating technology wherever it is currently practical, with a goal of constant improvement in mind.

Full integration: Direct linking to your translation platform via API with a fully automated backend and leveraging of machine translation.

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Market Research Translation Resources

Translation Technology for Market Research Translation

We know that preparing a survey file for translation can be a headache.


Created to automate your translation prep work, intellitranslate™ allows your team to easily extract just the content needed for translation, while preserving all survey programming.

If your organization utilizes internal, native-speaking employees to review your translated content, then intellireview® is for you.


intellireview® streamlines the process of capturing your translation feedback, and allows for cross-team collaboration in a secure, web environment. 

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