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End-to-End Market Research Survey Translation

We have a translation solution to help with every stage of your project

We know XML survey files can be overly complicated and filled with code, creating headaches when figuring out what content to distill for translation.


intellitranslate™ allows us to sort through content based off on your targeted language(s) and locales(s), so we can prep the survey file to extract only what you need to be translated, and nothing else. 

Plus, intellitranslate™ preserves the file’s programming, so there’s no risk of making any coding errors when extracting the content. With the help of intellitranslate™ automating translation prep, we can quickly create a quote for your project and start working.

Quoting with 

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Our two step ISO-certified translation and editing process involves two separate linguists with specialized market research experience. 


We work with linguists who are in-country, native speakers of 150+ languages, which positions us to provide accurate translation no matter the locale you are targeting with your research.

Translation and Edit

Client-side translation review can be a valuable step in your translation workflow, as it brings the extra benefit of customizing your content with the help of a native-speaking internal team member. 


We developed intellireview® to help you quickly access and review your translated content in a secure, web-based platform. The reviewer can easily make comments and track changes, which creates a constant feedback loop with the linguists and project manager on your project.

Streamline your translation review process with intellireview®.

In-Country Review with 

Once the translated XML file has been uploaded back into your survey platform, the linguist will review the entire survey as if they are a respondent. This allows the linguist to double-check that the overall syntax of the survey makes sense and that the validation map can be properly executed. 

Once the online validation is complete, your file is ready to be sent to field.

Online Validation

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The Survey Translation Timeline

At Language Intelligence, we’re survey translation experts.


We pride ourselves on having a deep knowledge of the market research industry -  which puts us in the best position to take on the unique linguistic and cultural challenges that come with global research projects. 


Our extensive experience in the market research industry propelled us to develop proprietary tools and a multi-step survey translation process to address the common pain points our customers were facing.


Rest assured that our team will provide you with accurate market research translation and localization, every time.

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