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Professional Language Services

Language Learning

Language Learning

Communicative Approach

The Communicative Approach—which challenges language learners to communicate real meaning through direct interaction—is a tried and tested approach to language learning that is used throughout the world to help individuals learn a new language faster and with longer lasting results.

Our language school was founded on this approach, and we continue to rely on it to help you succeed in speaking your new language in real-life situations as rapidly as possible.

Exclusively in the Target Language

As a language learner, you will be immersed in the target language from the start, with the tools needed to communicate effectively. Instead of memorizing long vocabulary lists and studying complicated grammar in a vacuum, you will focus on building valuable competency that you can apply immediately.

Gain Confidence through Practice

You will hear and use complete phrases and sentences, building your confidence from the start. Through the communicative approach, you will focus on expressing your ideas and thoughts clearly. You will expand your vocabulary and learn important grammatical rules through practice—not through intimidating exercises—resulting in a higher retention rate of the material you learn.

Authentic Materials with Meaningful Topics

The materials you use will be authentic and meaningful to your objective. You will use up-to-date materials including newspapers, magazines, and real correspondences. You will gain confidence in expressing yourself on topics that matter most to you.

Applying the Language

With the practice you gain in your program, you will be eager to use your new skills in your daily interactions. Our approach makes use of your creativity, intelligence, and active participation to help you develop proficiency in the shortest possible time.

If you would like additional detail about our language learning services, please reach out to Petra Henderson.