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Interpreting Services

Language Intelligence knows that excellent interpreting services go beyond mere fluency. They require an understanding and appreciation of cultural nuances as well as subject matter expertise.

Having a dependable language professional who doesn’t simply relay your message, but one who can navigate industry-specific standards, jargon, colloquialisms, idioms, and any culturally-specific references with ease is key to successful communication. This is our promise to you.

The Team Behind Our Interpreting Services

Our professional interpreters, who are located both here in Rochester, New York and across the globe, are fluent in both source and target languages, and have expertise in industry-specific subject matter. They navigate any cultural barriers that may arise to ensure that the message is interpreted with accuracy and integrity.

Our Process

  1. We’ll discuss the details of the assignment with you at length in order to understand your needs and determine what style of interpreting will be required.
  2. We’ll provide you with a quote.
  3. From our network of interpreters both here in Rochester, New York and across the globe, we’ll select and dispatch a linguist who best suits your needs based on their background, experience, and relevant specializations.

All of our interpreters are certified by nationally recognized organizations or have been thoroughly evaluated by Language Intelligence for professionalism, language proficiency, interpreting skill, and subject-matter expertise.

Our Experience

We know that each interpreting assignment is unique. Our years of extensive experience have allowed us to assist a wide range of clients in numerous industries.

Whether for multi-million dollar corporations and large market research companies, to corporate training sessions, reselling conferences, and market research focus groups, or medical, court, academic, or sporting events, our objective is the same: to provide you with the highest quality interpreting service.

Simultaneous vs. Consecutive Interpreting:  Which one is right for you?

Simultaneous Interpreting:

Most commonly used at larger conferences, depositions, during focus groups, and at UN meetings, simultaneous interpreting demands that linguists convert the source language into the target language as the speaker is talking.

This requires that the interpreter both speak and listen concurrently. Because of its cognitive demand, Language Intelligence provides at least two interpreters for simultaneous interpreting assignments, each working in 20-30 minute periods. Language Intelligence is prepared to organize any needed equipment, including sound booths, microphones, and headsets.

Consecutive Interpreting:

Regularly used in smaller settings such as training sessions, intimate business meetings, interviews, and small seminars, our consecutive interpreters retain the highest standards of professionalism and language skills in order to expedite successful and accurate interpretation between source and target languages.

Focus Group Interpreting

Our focus group interpreters are not only able to understand and communicate the literal meaning of the phrases in the source language, but are also able to comprehend and interpret the focus group members’ speech patterns, physical gestures, cadence, and tone, offering the most accurate results for the client.

Language Intelligence understands the complexity of focus group interpreting, and will work with you to fulfill identified business objectives. We have numerous linguists who specialize in marketing interpreting and are easily able to navigate linguistic and cultural barriers in dozens of languages from around the globe.

Our interpreters have extensive experience with focus groups, idiomatic facility, expansive knowledge of the relevant cultures, and expertise the specialized terminologies of various fields, providing the most precise and detailed marketing interpreting service to meet all of your interpreting needs.